Voice Interiors

Voice. You can't pin down just one definition for the word "voice". You have the actual physical voice in your larynx. You have the right to "voice" your beliefs. Expressing your opinions, is having a "voice"...we even refer to a certain painting or situation as "speaking" to us.

Hence I turn to room decor and interiors. You give voice to your home when you design it to speak what you want others to hear. A rocking chair by the fire with a warm blanket draped across its arms may say grab your book and come sit by the fire. An ornate chandelier hanging above the entrance as you enter says opulence resides here. Let's not forget the coat hanger or the welcome mat, beckoning your guest to stay a bit.

Does your home speak to you? Does it say "welcome home"? Or you do look around and hear silence?

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